Thursday, November 22, 2012

News 1

This is amazing, in my honest opinion.  I really thought that the Songbird Supreme had become irrelevant (as in completely so) but it seems this isn't the case.  Apparently, Mariah Carey's shows in Sydney (in an arena that seats 21,000) sold out in under four minutes, despite the fact that nobody appreciated the mess that was Triumphant.  She's confirmed this, if you take her retweet to mean anything.

Now, she's sold out both.

Soooo, while Mariah Carey is selling out shows in Australia, Xtina has been experiencing her lowest first week sales to date.  About 73,000 copies- that's 40,000 less than her last flop, Bionic.  This is despite constant promotion on The Voice, all sorts of talk shows, and a performance at the AMA's.  Maybe people don't appreciate her screaming and sounding strangled...?  She's been getting progressively worse- this era, thus far, has been filled with consistently bad vocals.

In any case, Christina is flopping hard with this sound of hers.  Hopefully, she'll have an epiphany and reinvent herself (while taking singing lessons to reinvent her voice.)


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