Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Never Give Up" - Whitney Houston

So, Whitney Houston's posthumous compilation is little more than a collection of her "greatest hits" (that I can hear on Youtube.  Or that I already have on my iPod.  Not buying this CD).  Some new content is also offered, naturally, so that one would actually have an incentive to purchase.  In addition to the duet with R. Kelly, there is a new song known as "Never Give up".

Is this song any good?  Well, the answer is... some.  It's a latter day Whitney track, so you know you can expect raspy, airy vocals.  Her voice sounds younger though- less aged, rounder, richer.  Her runs sound more delineated than they have been for a long, long time.  She sang her ass off on this song, so it doesn't sound half bad.  It kinda grew on me, actually, despite the fact that it's a Dupri-Cox song.

Oh right, did I mention that?  This is a song written and produced by Mimi's dream team.  I actually feel that it's better suited for Mariah's voice, so I don't know... maybe it was a castoff/reject that was given/sold/traded to Whitney?

As you can see, the lyrical content is quite typical of a Whitney/Mariah song.  It's another one about overcoming challenges and holding onto hope/internal strength.  There's really nothing new to it; it's just a rehash of older songs.  The tune is a little haunting, but at the end of the day, it's nothing unique.  All I credit it with, really, is bringing Houston's improved vocal capabilities to the forefront.


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