Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Five Favorite Korean Actresses

1. Lee Da Hae

I've never understood the Lee Da Hae hate.  I remember how everyone loved her around the My Girl era (and for good reason too- she was pure awesomeness in that drama.  It's still my favorite.).  Everybody hates her now- what happened?  I mean, sure, she acted like a diva in East of Eden and she did that little Filipino accent imitation, but she apologized, right?

News 1

This is amazing, in my honest opinion.  I really thought that the Songbird Supreme had become irrelevant (as in completely so) but it seems this isn't the case.  Apparently, Mariah Carey's shows in Sydney (in an arena that seats 21,000) sold out in under four minutes, despite the fact that nobody appreciated the mess that was Triumphant.  She's confirmed this, if you take her retweet to mean anything.

"Never Give Up" - Whitney Houston

So, Whitney Houston's posthumous compilation is little more than a collection of her "greatest hits" (that I can hear on Youtube.  Or that I already have on my iPod.  Not buying this CD).  Some new content is also offered, naturally, so that one would actually have an incentive to purchase.  In addition to the duet with R. Kelly, there is a new song known as "Never Give up".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beautiful Deterioration

Christina Aguilera possessed what is arguably the most beautiful voice in the entirety of her generation.  With her gorgeous tone, her melismatic style, and the overall 'big' quality of her voice, she was quickly dubbed 'the voice of the generation' and 'a blue eyed soul'.  For many, many years, she lived up to these titles.  She has, however, undeniably lost her voice.  Whereas she previously sounded like an angel, her horrible technique has caused damages to her voice-  damages that are made obvious by her sad vocal state.  Christina has gone from being a show-stopping, mega belting diva  to a has-been that can be outsung by teletubbies.